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National Negotiated/Private Placement Long-Term Transactions

By Number of Issues, January 1-June 1, 2020

Rank Book Runner Number of Issues
1 Piper Sandler & Co 371
2 Stifel Nicolaus & Co Inc 351
3 RBC Capital Markets 284
4 D A Davidson & Co 260
5 Raymond James 233

Source: Thomson Reuters

National Negotiated/Private Placement Long-Term Transactions

By Par Amount ($MM), January 1-June 1, 2020

Rank Book Runner Par Amount
1 Citi 21,122
2 BofA Securities Inc 20,182
3 J P Morgan Securities LLC 15,266
4 RBC Capital Markets 13,719
5 Piper Sandler & Co 9,620

Source: Thomson Reuters

We provide comprehensive fixed income investment solutions to corporations, public and private, public entities, money managers, financial institutions, foundations and endowments. We work closely with our clients to define their investment parameters and liquidity needs, and then develop innovative and customized portfolio solutions to meet their distinctive requirements.

Our disciplined approach emphasizes capital preservation, liquidity, and then yield. This approach serves as the foundation for the tactical and strategic investment decisions of our team. We are continually monitoring current market conditions, as well as formulating prospective market opinions to enhance your investment yields.

We are committed to providing an integrated end-to-end solution by:

Fixed Income Products

Fixed income portfolio managers need a variety of securities products to achieve results. Through our traditional and electronic trading platforms, our sales professionals offer clients a broad array of taxable and tax-exempt fixed income products.

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Head of Fixed Income
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